Social Worker

Surya Sinha, besides being a human trainer, is also a social worker. He never ignores his social responsibility and is always active in community service. As a part of his social commitment, he is associated with many social organizations.

His training programmes aim for social welfare. He tells people what are their responsibilities towards the society and how that can be performed. He goes out of his way to work with social organizations to fulfill his responsibilities towards society.

Surya Sinha has contributed a lot at the time of national calamities and has helped affected people. May it be Tsunami or Kashmir or any natural calamity & crisis, he was always been in the forefront by contributing his and Winnerz Track efforts and by encouraging various organizations to do the same.

He helps organize blood donation camps, child awareness camps, free-meditation camps, education camps and camp for elderly.
He feels that by indulging in these social activities he gets mental peace. He opines social service should be one of our goals because we are a part and parcel of it.
If we benefit from society we must do something in return. People have recognized his contributions and even media has taken note of it. He has been extensively interviewed by media for his social work activities.
Social Worker

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