Network Marketing

A pioneer in the field of network marketing guidance and training, Surya Sinha has perfected the art and science of network marketing on a colossal scale. He has authored some of the bestselling books published in 20 major languages on network marketing and are considered to be the most authentic guides of 21st century in this field. He has combined the art and science of network marketing which has helped millions foster successful relationships, new lifestyle, tremendous confidence and above all financial freedom. SOME OF HIS BOOKS ARE AS FOLLOWS: A guide to Network Marketing, Perfect Mantras for succeeding in Network Marketing, Why Network Marketing, Network Marketing mein safalata paney key achook mantra (in Hindi), Network Marketing - Sawal Aapkey jawab Surya Sinha ke (in Hindi), Kya hai Network Marketing Janiye (in Hindi). One billion Indians have benefitted from his personality development and motivational books. He is ranked amongst the best selling Indian author and a result driven motivational speaker and trainer. He is the only Indian author who has been very prolific writer on the network marketing and its various complex attributes which he has simplified in his writings.
Surya Sinha’s unique style consists of lucid language, simplified solutions, real life situations and deep research based insights which he has gained over a period of 15 years in this field. His theory and practical approach in his books on network marketing have created millions of rupees for its readers.
Keeping in view the tremendous success of his books and theories, a NGO has approached him to devise an economically innovative model and practices for the under privileged class to generate network marketing business. With a national and international fame, he is also providing consultancy to many globally present corporate who have already forayed into network marketing and have plans to intensify their efforts based on Surya’s model.
Surya Sinha’s model for network marketing is in itself organically driven which creates an equilibrium on its own and balances the challenges of the business. His books have been a fantastic and magnificent success all over India and also on the international sphere where they are referred especially in USA, UK and Europe. He intensively researched the operating models and procedures of all the network marketing companies in the world and created an easy to use and adopt practices and principles of success in the network marketing field. He is also responsible for demystifying network marketing and also clearing the negative name which it gained over the years due to some of the unethical companies in the business. Surya Sinha has had a very positive influence over millions of network marketing professionals and has guided them towards a ethical, clean and positive ecosystem of this business. He is also planning an advanced guide to network marketing keeping in view the challenges of the present century and the social-cultural environment in which few more path breaking theories , practices and principles of this wonderful business shall be revealed to the world.
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