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Mr. Surya Sinha’s life is nothing short of a Bollywood film. Though his ever beaming smile and infectious energy tell a different story, Surya Sinha’s journey to reach the top is inspiring in every way. Having witnessed ups and downs in this adventure called life; Mr. Sinha stands tall as the epitome of modesty.

Born in a poor household, Surya Sinha did not get the luxuries of life in his growing years. A purely hand to mouth existence, his family struggled to make ends meet. At the age of 11, he began working as a manual labour in Okhla industrial area, Delhi. His job was to haul wooden boxes from one place to another. After his shift got at Okhla, in the evening, he would sell peanuts in and around the Ramleela ground. Struggle, would be an understatement for the hardship his family and he endured. It was through sheer guts that he overcame all these to take the first step towards what he wanted to achieve.

After working on odd jobs for a while, he realized that he had to take charge of his destiny and be the boss of his life. He always knew how important learning is and hence he started taking lessons that life taught him. Without anyone to sponsor him, young Surya Sinha began funding his own education in a government school. Like others, hardship, problems and challenges were a part of his life but the will to keep going with stoic courage makes his story an exhilarating one....      Read more...
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