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Mr. Surya Sinha’s life is nothing short of a Bollywood film. Though his ever beaming smile and infectious energy tell a different story, Surya Sinha’s journey to reach the top is inspiring in every way. Having witnessed ups and downs in this adventure called life; Mr. Sinha stands tall as the epitome of modesty.

Born in a poor household, Surya Sinha did not get the luxuries of life in his growing years. A purely hand to mouth existence, his family struggled to make ends meet. At the age of 11, he began working as a manual labour in Okhla industrial area, Delhi. His job was to haul wooden boxes from one place to another. After his shift got at Okhla, in the evening, he would sell peanuts in and around the Ramleela ground. Struggle, would be an understatement for the hardship his family and he endured. It was through sheer guts that he overcame all these to take the first step towards what he wanted to achieve.

After working on odd jobs for a while, he realized that he had to take charge of his destiny and be the boss of his life. He always knew how important learning is and hence he started taking lessons that life taught him. Without anyone to sponsor him, young Surya Sinha began funding his own education in a government school. Like others, hardship, problems and challenges were a part of his life but the will to keep going with stoic courage makes his story an exhilarating one.
Life is full of ups and downs and his was no different. As the adage goes, ‘Smooth sea never made a skilled sailor,’ he faced problems and those polished him to bring out his qualities. He did not lose his courage or sense of purpose. We tend to run behind success but the bottom line is; that success is just a fruit of your hard work. Success does not come easily. Your efforts determine your chances of reaching it.

Penniless, he travelled to Mumbai from Delhi in search of work. With nobody to fall back on for shelter, he spent many nights on the footpath. Out of pity, a vegetable or fruit seller would give him some food to survive. Finally, he landed a small role in a film as his first job. Learning all the tricks of the trade, he became an assistant director and then a film editor. He realized that non-linear editing was a flourishing segment in the industry and he was good at it. Not wanting to let go of tany possible opptunity, he took this up. Until 2000, he worked in the film industry and flourished. As an editor, several of his serials were on air: ‘Ranjish’, ‘Rishtey’, ‘Star Best Seller’, ‘Supriya’, ‘Saturday Suspense’ and ‘Director’s Cut’. Mr Sinha did not just stop at being an Editor, he turned into a film distributor too. Such is the passion of a hardworking man that doesn’t know boundaries.
He faced a massive setback in the year 2000. Incapable of striking a balance between spending and savings, he became bankrupt and left Mumbai. Unable to bear the brunt of his failure, he even thought of ending his life. He went back to Delhi, introspected his past decisions and gathered his courage back to fight all challenges. He realised that this world salutes the rising sun. Having witnessed many highs and lows, he realised that the stairs to success are the same ones that bring you down.
He believes that we are all born to win. Winning is our birthright. We are winners and we have to keep fighting till the end. His ideology reflects that a warrior is a winner till the end of a war. If you take examples from the lives of all successful people you realise that they never ran away from the battlefield. They stayed firm to their fight. People who run away from the battleground can never see victory.

Surya Sinha has always stood by his opinion on success and failures. A firm believer of the fact that mistakes and failure are the best teachers, he trusts experience for advices in the race for success. With a never give up attitude, we preaches that we must never give up hope. The moment we stop believing in our self, we fail as humans.

He studied and researched for more than 20 years about the best network marketing business in the world. That is when he stumbled up on Forever Living Products, a US-based company dedicated to health and wellness. Calling this the most important occurrence in his life, Surya Sinha falls short of words while expressing the role of Forever Living Products in his life. He credits Forever Living Products for bringing about this drastic change in life. He scaled newer heights with Forever Living Products. A person who started from the absolute scratch, struggling through the vicissitudes of life and emerging as a successful symbol of hard work, Surya Sinha’s life is an inspiring example.

His early days in Mumbai were full of hardship and moreover, because he did not have a guiding force behind him, he often got misguided. There was no one to guide him or to teach him what is right and wrong. Knowing how success looks like after a struggle, Sinha decided to be the guiding force for many. He knew that plenty of young, talented and skilled people would lose charm if they are not mentored rightly. He took the responsibility upon himself to be the guide or philosopher for others. He believes that a man who has faced failure is the right person, who can play a crucial role in guiding others towards success. His repeated encounter with failure have taught him lessons that one needs while climbing the ladder of success. He believes that if we keep repeating the same mistakes then we will be trapped in our own cobweb.

Surya Sinha’s inspiring mantras, anecdotes and tutoring are treasure worthy. Hence he decided to pen them down into books that can be available for people across the globe. He has written 15 books which have been published in 12 languages with Diamond Pocket Books and Prabhat Prakashan. To name a few, ‘Kahaniya Bolti Hai’, ‘Complete Personality Development Course’, ‘A Guide to Network Marketing’, ‘Perfect Mantras for succeeding in Network Marketing’, ‘Why Network Marketing’ and several other books in Hindi.

His will to make a permanent mark in the people’s heart and life encouraged him to write these books. He says, “Even after I am dead, maybe my books would be lying in somebody’s drawer, or on someone’s dining table or even the book shelf, but I want them to feel my presence in these books. As and when the readers read my books, I hope they take some inspiration and learn life’s lessons from them. The books I have written are about guiding people on to the right path and encourage people in every aspect of their life. So long as my books motivate people, I will feel that I am alive among them.” Unapologetic in his approach, he is not afraid of being tagged as selfish but has a strong will to live in the people’s heart.

He is often invited by corporate companies to give motivate and train their staff for increasing productivity. His speeches are acknowledged for instilling the feeling of motivation and encouragement among employees to work efficiently and reach greater success. He started working in the field of multi-level marketing (MLM) to give a chance to personnel who are salaried but have reached a stagnant position in life. With an intention to reach out to the poor, below poverty level people, he started working in the multi-level marketing field. He aspires to give them a chance to reach higher goals, become more proficient in their field and achieve what they desire. A true people’s person, he wants all his pupils to make their mark with a certain degree of competence and skill that he imparts.

He founded Winnerz Track to help the poor, the orphaned and the helpless. Winnerz Track provides free education, personality training and communication skills for those who deserve but don’t have the means to achieve it. Their purpose is all-round development of the people. He asserts, “You may look into my eyes to read the story of defeat and failures I have gone through, but now the plot has changed and you will see the flag of conquest and winning the people waving from the turrets of my soul.”

It is not just his success story that needs to be told to the world but also his noble deeds that have impacted plenty of people in India. His main focus for social service is the development of under privileged pockets of India. Mr. Surya Sinha has a special place in his heart for the elders. Hence he has been supporting many elderly people who are deserted by their family. Mr. Sinha considers his primary responsibility to help them with necessities like grocery, food, clothes and medical aid.

Memories from his broken childhood have left an impact on him and made him sensitive towards destitute children. Children who cannot afford education and hence take up odd jobs to support their family, Mr. Sinha serves them by donating clothes, food, books and other stationaries. He has adopted 28 children so far and aims to adopt about 100. The privileges that he was denied during his childhood, he makes sure to provide them to these children. He is always ready to help any child who wishes to study ahead and is willing to sponsor their education.

To honour his efforts and hard work, Forever Livings Products handed him a bonus of Rs. 3.84 crores in April 2017. He donated the entire amount towards the development of a certain village in West Bengal. He has also undertaken the augmentation of an entire village by improving the roads, local lake, houses and toilets. It is not just the financial help that he provides to this village but also visits it frequently and physically helps in improving the village.

Having faced failures that brought him down, bruised his life and left him to the streets, Surya Sinha’s hard work and determination have made him stronger and induced a positive attitude into him. As the saying goes, “A bend in the road is not the end of the road….unless you fail to make a turn.” Mr. Sinha definitely took the right turn in life.
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