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There are very few motivational speakers, Human trainers, Authors and Life coach’s who have scaled exceptional heights of success and one of them is Surya Sinha. He has been a best selling author, an exceptionally gifted motivational speaker, result oriented human and corporate trainer Management Guru and a life coach. His books contain Energizing; Inspirational & Content Rich books have been read by millions and is today the best selling Indian Author known Globally. His style has been simple , lucid, skill based and above all adaptable in practical life. He has been praised by the head’s of State , Top Executives of Global Organisations and almost everyone who has read his books , attended his workshops and seminars. His books are followed globally and is a
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well-known figure in Bangladesh, Mauritius, Nepal, Singapore, Bangkok, Canada, Thailand and in India. Due to his extraordinary skills he is sought as a human motivator and trainer by a number of leading institutions to guide and train their employees in the area of Leadership skills, Business Success, Success secrets, Corporate Orientation, enhancing performance, productivity and profitability, Change Management of Attitude, Personality and Mental development. Surya Sinha believes that with proper training and mind control an average person can change his circumstances, relationships, health and financial conditions and above all develop intuition and positive mental attitude for 360 degree success. His fans and readers have termed him as the combination of Anthony Robbins and Stephen Covey of India. His unique style of success principles and unlimited skills merged in a simple effective manner are highly appreciated.
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Surya Sinha has been a very successful film Industry professional excelling in the field of editing and film making but then an unfortunate incident in which he lost all his hard earned wealth created a huge ruffle in his life. He realised that life is much more than setbacks and figures and took a wow to improve the human mind set of the country which needed a radical change based on Honesty, Hard work, intelligence, self motivation and above all commitment. He made it as a personal mission to motivate, encourage and soul stimulate people who have faced setbacks in life, are dejected, have reached a road block in life and also who want to attain Success breakthrough. He has inspired a whole generation by his books. He became a bestselling author in India in a very short span of time and has sold millions of books printed in 12 languages.
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